About Me

Charis Laurijsen was born and raised in the Mediterranean island of Crete and emerged from a multicultural background. At the age of 12, he started studying bouzouki and got acquainted with Rembetiko, urban traditional music of the early 20th century. As an adult, Charis continued his studies on traditional music, enrolling in the Turkish music department of music performances at Codarts Conservatory (University of Arts) in Rotterdam. In Codarts, he studied Classical Ottoman music in the Turkish lute or Lavta, under Kudsi Erguner- master of the Turkish Ney. Charis spent a full year studying in Istanbul at ITU Conservatory and got the chance to work towards his expertise in the Lavta. His undergraduate thesis was titled “How the makam system is converted in the well-tempered: system of dhromi in Rembetiko music” and consists a thorough insight on the interconnectivity of distinct musical traditions. As part of his professional and academic career, he has participated in various collaborative projects in Turkey, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece. Charis has, also, participated in Labyrinth seminars and workshops on Bouzouki, Lavta and the Cretan Lute so that he constantly evolve his musical style.Meanwhile, he’s giving many live performances and gigs and has taught private lessons on the Bouzouki and the Cretan Lute. Since September 2016, he has resumed his studies at Codarts, working towards a masters degree.


Upcoming Concerts

12-05-2017: Mále Vráse @ Altrimenti Luxemburg

19-05-2017: Male Vrase @ Regentenkamer Den Haag

20-05-2017: Charis Laurijsen Quartet @ Matrix Rotterdam